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“Finally, someone let me out of my cage” this line from the 2001 “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz (Click here if you don’t believe me) perfectly describes how I feel right now. The 2016 Fantasy Football season is only a few short days away from kicking off and I am excited to blow the dust off the waiver wire article that I look so forward to bringing to you each and every week. Some of you might be saying to yourselves “how can you have a waiver wire article when no games have been played?” well don’t you worry I have an answer for you. First, some leagues put all undrafted players immediately into the waiver wire you are so accustomed of going through every week. This is what we do in my league and it works great. For all the other leagues, well it’s still important to know who you might want to pick up before the season has even kicked off. If history (last year) has shown us anything, it’s that the draft is important but you win or lose your fantasy league based on the moves you make during the season.

If you are new to The Fantasy Football Gurus & The Waiver Wire article than welcome and we are happy you choose us to get your fantasy news. If you have been with us since the beginning well you know the routine and understand just how important this article can be. Every Tuesday I will break down the 3 best players at each position to target for your league’s weekly waiver wire. This is your standard positions, QB, RB, WR, TE, DEF and yes kickers. Kickers have feelings too!

For the first week of the season, because no games have been played and you are still basking in the glory that was your draft, I am going to only focus on one player at each position that you might want to target before the season begins.


  1. Brock Osweiler – “Groot” is a quarterback that no one wants to touch with a ten-foot pole and the main reason I hear is “lack of sample size”. I get it, Brock didn’t get a lot of opportunities to showcase what he could do in Denver but when did get his shot, he demonstrated that he has an NFL caliber arm and could help an NFL team stay afloat until Peyton came back. Fast forward to this year and this might be the most talented team on paper Houston has ever fielded and with an offensive nucleus of Nuk, Miller, Strong, Fuller and Miller (Braxton). Houston made it to the playoffs last year with no running game and Brian Hoyer, I think Brock Osweiler can not only get the back to the playoffs this year but will surprise people with a top 15 fantasy finish.
  • BONUS – Dak Prescott – He has Elliott and Dez Bryant and the kid can sling it! You add his ability to add rushing stats and touchdowns and we might have ourselves a fantasy stud in the making. Tony Romo might never see the field again if he keeps on winning.

Running Back 

  1. Jordan Howard – So this week the Ravens cut Justin Forsett automatically declaring Terrance West the starter and then signed Justin Forsett back a day or two later. The Running back position is crazier than ever! It’s something out of a VH1 reality show. Well in Chicago we might have our own reality show brewing after Howard’s week 4 performance. As a Langford owner in one league, I am a bit torn here. I am not a big fan of Langford as a running back and if you have been listening to the Trophy Time podcast all summer you know just how much I like Jordan Howard. Grab Howard now and either use him as trade bait to the person who has Langford or sit back and reap his rewards. Langford is on a short leash and the Bears starting RB is still up for grabs.

Wide Receiver

  1. Travis Benjamin – Phillip Rivers is all smiles as he has a shiny new toy to throw deep down field to and if Rivers is excited then so am I. I love Phillip Rivers and think he is the most disrespected fantasy QB’s year in and year out but all he does is put up numbers. The Chargers lost some key pieces this off-season but with a healthy Keenan Allen, I think Benjamin should see plenty of single coverage if not one safety high coverage to eat up chunk yards week in and week out. Rivers is one of the most accurate passers in NFL history and if last year is any indication of the talent Benjamin can bring to a team, then the Chargers might be a fun team to watch and Benji might win you some fantasy games.

Tight End

  1. Eric Ebron – I hate to self-promote, well I think I do but if you listened to our podcast this summer you would have heard that my cousin Chris thinks Ebron is ready for a big season and you know what I agree with him. Enough has been written about the success the Lions had once they made a change at offensive coordinator to Jim Bob Cooter and the entire offense excelled. Ebron is back at practice this week which means he is a go come week 1. He opens the season on the road but it’s against a dome team and if this offense is going to work then it’s going to come out firing in week 1. Ebron is a perfect high ceiling stash to benefit from or use as trade bait for those that overreached on draft day.


  1. Oakland – Ok so this is a tough one because no one has played a game and everyone (for the most part) got better in the off-season on both sides of the ball. On paper Oakland looks like the perfect boom candidate this season. They have some of the best young talent on the defensive side of the ball playing at an all pro level and they added Karl Joesph and Jihad Ward who should contribute right away. They are a great stash defensive (if you like holding onto two).
  • BONUS – Cleveland Browns – Great defensive flyer option as they take on Carson Wentz in his first ever NFL start.


  1. Brandon McManus – The last time I checked the Broncos still play at Mile High and have the single greatest kicking advantage in all of the NFL. Yes the offense has a new QB and yes that quarterback is someone NO ONE has ever heard of but they still do have C.J. Anderson, Demaryius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders so they should be able to move the ball between the 20’s with some consistency. This shift to Trevor Siemian could mean lots of field goal attempts. I think McManus might attempt the most 50 yarders this season, just a hunch.

Well there you have it, week 1 of The Waiver Wire is in the books. The start of the 2016 Fantasy Football season is only two days away and the anticipation is killing me. Good luck this season and may the health gods shine brightly on you! I will see you all next Tuesday for another edition of The Waiver Wire! If you ever have any fantasy questions hit us up via our email: or on Twitter @TFFGurus, or our friends at @dafantasyfather & @TheFantasyBoys




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