IDP Corner: TNF Week 13

After the start of this season if you had asked me about the game tonight I would have had it pegged as a “yawn” burner, specifically featuring a meandering Dallas offense against a might be trying New Orleans defense. But Dallas’ defense has been playing so well that their offense can do well because they just have too much time on their hands, and New Orleans defense has actually started to shape up after mixed and matched player groupings at the start of the season. Overall, I think that most of us are expecting this game to be a nice Peach (Scone) of a game, containing decent drama at least until the 3rd quarter or so.

Players who are likely owned or are getting started in your league: Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence, Jeff Heath, Sean Lee, Demario Davis, Cameron Jordan, Eli Apple, and Marshon Lattimore.

Defensive Linemen:
Tyrone Crawford, DT DAL: With relatively active production each week Crawford isn’t lighting the world on fire, but if you’re playing in a league with a DT slot he is certainly worth a glance. Crawford is the lineman who benefits the most from the attention Lawrence draws from opponents. You could use him in a DL spot, but I’m guessing you can find players a notch or two more productive on your waivers.  

Marcus Davenport, DE NO: I had highlighted Alex Okafor in my Thanksgiving article which I still think would be a solid play if you are looking for consistency in a replacement player. The rookie Davenport is more of a boom/bust type right now. He just got back from injury last week and saw limited play, I think this week he’ll be let off the chain a little bit more to keep Dallas on their toes. I think we could even see packages with Jordan, Okafor, and Davenport all in so as to keep the offensive line guessing where the next blitz is coming from. Anyway, Davenport this week, bold move, might pay off, worth thinking about adding in dynasty formats if he’s not already on a team.

Defensive Backs:
Xavier Woods, S DAL: Plain and simple Woods has been producing good fantasy stats since Dallas has returned from their bye week. He is one of those players who in real life isn’t super amazing, but because of that offenses target plays in his direction so tackles and other stats start to appear. I expect this trend to continue with the pass happy Drew Brees in town. If you’re in need for a DB for this week or the foreseeable future, Woods is worth considering.

Vonn Bell, S NO: This past week Bell responded well to my challenge of highlighting him for Thanksgiving. I’m a little less high on Bell this week. The thing is Apple and Lattimore are likely owned, Marcus Williams and P.J. Williams are two of the hottest adds over the past three weeks, which leaves Bell for DBs who actually see playing time. Bell hasn’t had too many big weeks this year and he doesn’t see as many snaps as the other four I’ve listed. If your team is injury riddled then Bell is worth the add, but otherwise right now I’m shopping for a DB elsewhere.

For Dallas Linebackers, outside of Smith and Vander Esch, there is Damien Wilson who has averaged 2 total tackles per game over the last four games. Sean Lee is in recovery mode still. The well is tapped, look elsewhere if you need an LB this week.

Alex Anzalone, OLB NO: I brought up Anzalone (who I keep wanting to call Alanzo) early on in the season and it basically blew up in my face. Then the bye week for New Orleans came and went and next thing we know four out of his last six games have been solid contributions. I still hesitate to bring up Anzalone due to both his early season struggles, as well as he is getting inconsistent snaps from game to game. Overall he is seeing the third most snaps of all the linebackers. He’s arguably more productive than or at least just as productive as A.J. Klein (who has 180 more snaps over the same number of games played this year). So, if you’re in need of an LB Anzalone currently has a pretty safe floor, but personally I’m not rushing out to use him.

Good luck to everyone on your Thursday endeavors. As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via twitter @decoylife or the other gurus @TFFGurus.

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