2019 Buy Low Wide Receivers

While the Dynasty World is patiently awaiting the NFL Combine to start, it’s never to late to target wide receivers who have the potential to break out next season. These are wide receivers who have shown that they can produce at the next level but now they are about to be handed an even greater share of their offenses targets. In Dynasty it’s the best feeling in the world to have a guy that you picked up in Free Agency (FA), or bought for next to nothing and he comes in either that year or next and kills it for you. Here are the players you should be targeting this off-season while their stock is low.

Donte Moncrief (WR 55 / Overall 148) & DeDe Westbrook (WR 46 / Overall 120): 

Jacksonville has finally moved on from Blake Bortles. All signs point to a Nick Foles led offense, even if that is not the case, anything would be an improvement. Donte Moncrief and Dede Westbrook just became relevant. If the Jaguars can land them a serviceable QB these guys could see an uptick in production. Moncrief only caught about 54% of his targets last year, but he’s gonna be 26, the time we refer to a player as coming into there prime. Let’s not kid ourselves, how many of those balls were catchable anyways. Dede Westbrook will make his 3rd year in the league, he caught 65% of his passes, that’s with Bortles throwing to him. Westbrook has adjusted to the speed of the game and is a very young talented receiver, just imagine what these guys could offer with the right QB at the helm.

Mike Williams (WR 28 / Overall 63)

The Chargers have found something special with Mike Williams. Williams only had 66 targets in 16 games but he caught 43 of them and had 10 TD’s, as Philip Rivers’s and Williams gained chemistry Williams gained targets. I look for them to build on that chemistry next season, and Williams will pick up where he left off.

Robert Foster (WR 63 / Overall 173)

Foster caught 61% of his targets last year, and his snap share went up 50% by the end of season. Buffalo figured out they have something in this guy and have put him in a position to succeed. He saw around 8% of snaps from the slot last year but I expect that number to grow in 2019. The limitations Josh Allen has as a thrower is a concern but I fully expect him and Josh Allen to continue to build on the success they had at the end of the season. If Buffalo can find a complimentary #2 either through the draft or Free Agency then Foster could have a solid season.

Albert Wilson (WR 83 / Overall 223)

Finally, I cannot talk about “Buy Low WR’s” without mentioning Albert Wilson! While he and the next guy may be a little harder to acquire your Dynasty team will thank you for making the move. With Miami expecting to move on from Devante Parker and Danny Amendola, it should be “the Albert Wilson show” in Dolphin country. Before landing on IR last season due to a hip injury Wilson was making a case as the number one wideout on Miami. I expect nothing less in 2019 as he will fall right back into the number 1 roll on a team that has 130 targets available.

James Washington (WR 48 / Overall 126)

Last on my list is James Washington from the Steelers. While Washington didn’t really flash excellence in his rookie season I believe he was overshadowed by Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster. Now that it is official that AB is going to get traded, Washington is locked in to replace Juju as the teams primary X receiver. For those of you who have had Juju on your team, you know how serviceable he’s been as the second option to AB in Pittsburgh the past two seasons. I expect to see similar numbers from Washington this year if he can continue to improve in his route running and understanding of the playbook. Juju was targeted 166 times which is the volume Washington will be walking right into this season. With the increased volume its a lock that Washington’s production is going to skyrocket but high it can go is still to be seen. Buy now before it’s too late.

When cutting down our rosters at the end of the year we are faced with some tough decisions sometimes those decisions cost us come mid-season as we realize we maybe shouldn’t have cut player X. While nothing is a sure thing these few Wide Receivers I’ve mentioned have the potential to take there game to the next level. Buy these Wide Receivers while there stock is still low enough that it doesn’t break your bank. Happy hunting and as always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @IDPDynastyPhilA with any questions!

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