The VERY VERY early 5 round Mock Draft for 2015

By Josh Trotta


The Super Bowl ended almost a month ago and the NFL combine has come and gone. So it’s only fitting we give you our VERY VERY early mock draft for the 2015 season. Now we are still in off season mode and can’t give a full 16, 17, or 18 (depending on your league)  round mock just yet. We are still coming down from the high of our Patriots winning the Superbowl and sitting atop the NFL for another month until the 2015 season kicks off with the NFL draft in April. So we feel 5 rounds of a ten team league are enough to get the fantasy juices flowing.

Just a reminder before we get into it, that this mock is reflective of players current situations and with the assumption that they will be playing for the same team next year. We hope you enjoy and like always if you think differently of were we put your favorite player let us know. We are drafting based on the Yahoo! standard scoring system.

Round 1
1. Le’Veon Bell                    RB1
2. DeMarco Murray            RB2
3. Eddie Lacy                       RB3
4. Marshawn Lynch           RB4
5. LeSean McCoy               RB5
6. Jamaal Charles              RB6 
7. Matt Forte                        RB7
8. Arian Foster                    RB8
9. CJ Anderson                   RB9
10. Antonio Brown             WR1

Round 2
11. Rob Gronkowski          TE1
12. Aaron Rodgers            QB1
13. Adrian Peterson          RB10
14. Demarius Thomas      WR2
15. Dez Bryant                   WR3 
16. Jordy Nelson               WR4
17. Odell Beckham Jr.      WR5 
18. Calvin Johnson            WR6
19. Julio Jones                   WR7 

20. Andrew Luck                 QB2

Round 3
21. Jimmy Graham             TE2
22. Jeremy Hill                    RB11
23. Randall Cobb                WR8
24. AJ Green                       WR9 
25. TY Hilton                       WR10
26. Alshon Jeffery             WR11
27. Justin Forsett               RB12
28. Alfred Morris                RB13 
29. Jeremy Maclin             WR12
30. Mike Evans                   WR13

Round 4
31. Peyton Manning           QB3   
32. Lamar Miller                  RB14
33. Joique Bell                    RB15
34. Kelvin Benjamin           WR14
35. Mark Ingram                 RB16
36. Drew Brees                   QB4
37. DeAndre Hopkins        WR15
38. Emmanuel Sanders     WR16
39. Frank Gore/Hyde         RB17
40. Russell Wilson             QB5 

Round 5
41. Brandon Marshall        WR17
42. Tre Mason                     RB18
43. Latavius Murray           RB19
44. DeSean Jackson          WR18
45. Andre Ellington             RB20
46. Isaiah Crowell               RB21
47. Tom Brady                     QB6
48. Sammy Watkins           WR19
49. Julius Thomas              TE3 
50. Giovani Bernard            RB22


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