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The Trade Report – Week 2 Buys and Sells

Hopefully I’m catching you all after dynamite Week 1 win and you’re wondering if you’ll ever lose again. In case you’re not in that mindset, I have a few Buys and Sells to help you out.


  • Joe Mixon (Cin): It is well documented why Joe Mixon fell in the 2017 NFL draft. Many analysts agreed, had it not been for his arrest and suspension, Mixon would have gone in the 1st round. Last year, the Bengals offense was a mess. After the loss of their their best lineman (Whitworth), Dalton seemed to regress to what his critics thought he was and the running game was putrid. Entering 2018, following the release of Jeremy Hill, the Bengals committed to Mixon as their workhorse. That commitment showed in week 1, with 22 touches (5 catches) for 149 total yards and a touchdown. More importantly, Gio Bernard (Mixon’s biggest threat to passing down usage) only totaled 2 touches in Week 1. Go out and buy Mixon now. Top 5 fantasy RB for 2018. Take that to the bank.
  • Corey Davis (Tenn): Not to beat a dead horse, but I hope you went out and drafted/bought Corey Davis when I told you to in my pre-season buys & sells. Davis is about to have a monster 2nd year. He already had 13 targets opening weekend (catching 6 for 62 yards), but with Delanie Walker’s season ending injury, I expect his usage to only go up. This is about to be his breakout season, go out and buy him.
  • Leveon Bell (Pit): With every successful play James Conner has (Week 1: 36 touches for 192 yards!), Bell’s value goes down. Bell won’t sit out all year. I know there is a risk to take on someone who could sit out till week 10, but the reward is massive. You will have Bell back and in game shape for fantasy playoffs and he could win you a championship.


  • Zach Ertz (Phi): I still like Ertz a lot. He’s in a great offense and Wentz trusts him. The problem with that is Wentz’s return date is a little more murky. Another issue is Nelson Agholor’s short yardage usage (caught 8 of 10 targets). If Agholor will continue to take short to intermediate targets in bunches, that could eat in Ertz’s share. And finally, Dallas Goedert looks raw but so talented and an extreme mismatch for defenders. We saw Foles target Goedert only 3 times but one of those times was in the redzone. He’s going to vulture a few touchdowns from Ertz this year. I’m selling Ertz at his current value.
  • Deshaun Watson (Hou): Bill Belichick has made plenty of elite quarterbacks look awful over the years, so you may be thinking that this hiccup is just a blip on the radar. In my pre-season article, I called Watson one of my sells and I am sticking to it. His pace was INSANE last year, and he was bound to regress. I think he’ll bounce back from his performance in New England, but he still faces plenty of tough defenses this year (Jacksonville twice, Tennessee twice, Philadelphia). I know you used a pretty high draft pick on him, but at his price I am selling.
  • James Conner (Pit): If you snatched James Conner off the waiver wire before week 1, you’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself, as you should. Conner gave us his best Leveon Bell impression and almost totaled 200 yards, plus 2 touchdowns. Bell’s absence appears to last at least a few more weeks, but what isn’t lasting is that porous Cleveland run defense. I’m not saying Conner is going to crash and burn. Any above average running back in the Steelers’ offense is going to have success. But right now, Conner’s value is sky high. I’m assuming you have other options at RB if you picked up Conner, so use that high value, try and move Conner to shore up a position of weakness. Besides, when Bell comes back, Steelers are going to run Bell into the ground and Conner will eventually lose all value.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope some of these Buys and Sells help you out. What did you think? Did I miss someone? If you want to let me know where I was wrong or if you’re just looking for free fantasy football advice, you can find me on Twitter @Sam_Wise730 or you could use our company handle @tffgurus.  Also, feel free to check out the podcast page @trophytimepod and shoot us a follow.  See you next week.

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