The Trade Report – Week 1 Buys & Sells

Prior to Week 1 is the most difficult terrain to trek. How worried should you be about training camp injuries? This offensive coordinator will not stop saying good/bad things about this player, should you be concerned? Maybe you drafted a week ago and your feelings about your team have just gotten worse and worse. Don’t worry. We got you covered. I got a few guys I think are still being valued too low by owners, and some that maybe you can sell high on.


  • Amari Cooper (Oak): I cannot pound the Cooper drum loud enough. I know people are worried that, despite the departure of Michael Crabtree, the addition of Martavis Bryant and Jordy Nelson will take targets away from Cooper.  Training camp reports indicate that Bryant still has playbook/practice troubles that plagued him in Pittsburgh and Jordy Nelson has gotten really old, really quickly (why else would Green Bay get rid of Rodgers’ best friend/favorite target?) And finally, I know Jon Gruden’s perceived archaic style of coaching is scary to us fantasy owners but the top WR in a Gruden-led offense averaged a PPR placement of 13.5 and 137 targets. Cooper is one of, if not the best, WR Gruden has had to work with. Cooper is going to eat this year and his 3rd round ADP is a joke.
  • Peyton Barber (TB): After the 2017 draft class, everyone wanted to grab the next Fournette/Hunt/Kamara and I do not blame them. This year Barkley is a generational talent, but with Guice’s season-ending injury, the class is pretty thin. I have seen a lot of people drafting Ronald Jones rounds ahead of Peyton Barber and that is a mistake. In the pre-season, Tampa has shown to favor Barber much more. Jones has shown an inability to avoid tacklers and cannot seem to catch the ball smoothly (perhaps explaining his average receptions per year in college being just over 10). Barber is the back to own in Tampa. If you drafted Jones, maybe go to the Barber owner with a minor trade offer “I’d really just like to add the back-up for Jones, in case of injury.” If they aren’t paying attention, you may be able to snag him for a cheap price.
  • Adrian Peterson (Was): He may be a shell of his former self, but after the Guice injury, someone needs to step up behind that above average Washington offensive line. The Peterson signing shows us that Washington has little faith in Kelly or Perine. I think Peterson will own 1st and 2nd down, with Thompson handling pass-catching downs.


  • Ezekiel Elliott (Dal): I know how crazy this sounds, but hear me out. If you have already drafted him, I would be willing to test the waters with someone and see what type of haul you can get for him. If you haven’t drafted yet, I would not draft Zeke unless he fell to the end of the 1st round at least. Now, I am not saying Zeke is going to have an awful year, he is still a stud. However, his offensive line has been getting CRUSHED this pre-season. Center Travis Frederick is facing a potentially season-ending condition called Guillan-Barr Syndrome, RG Zach Martin is battling a hyperextended/bruised left knee, LG Connor Williams was supposed to step in right away is having an awful preseason/camp, and RT La’El Collins was seen limping on his taped up left ankle. While most of that isn’t definitive, it’s all potentially bad news for the pro bowl running back. Maybe all these injuries and concerns resolve themselves soon and Zeke has a top 5 finish, but at his price tag, I’m selling.
  • Randall Cobb (GB): Everyone remembers fondly the 91/1287/12 season Cobb put up with Rodgers in 2014. That’s probably why Cobb is being drafted as high as the 5th round in drafts. That was 4 years ago. However, if Green Bay thought Cobb was capable of that again would they have drafted not one but THREE WRs in this year’s draft? That, coupled with news of Rodgers showering praise on undrafted free agent Jake Kumerow. Cobb is destined to be a disappointment this year for fantasy owners.
  • Russell Wilson (Sea): Early on, Wilson was my favorite to end the season as the QB1. Wilson is being drafted as the QB4 and 48 overall. I’m selling that price. Seattle’s O-line looks as bad as ever. Their 1st round RB is banged up to start the season. And Wilson’s favorite target, Doug Baldwin, claims to only be “80-85 percent” starting the season. Wilson is a STUD fantasy quarterback, but I worry about his durability when he has to make spectacular plays for Seattle to even compete. If you didn’t draft yet, I’d fade Wilson. If you did, maybe try and swap Wilson for a better positional player from a team with weak QBs.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope some of these Buys and Sells help you out. What did you think? Did I miss one? If you feel like letting me know or just looking for free fantasy football advice, you can find me on Twitter @Sam_Wise730 or on our company handle @tffgurus.  Also, feel free to check out the new podcast page @trophytimepod and shoot us a follow.  See you next week.

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Hello. My name is Sam. I enjoy all things fantasy, from superheroes to start-up drafts. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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