The Best Fantasy Matchups of Week 11 – Game of the Year Edition

First and foremost I’d like to thank Josh for his excellent writing last week. Even on a day where there weren’t a whole lot of great matchups to attack, J-Trottz took it to the house and came up with a fantastic article! This past weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me, just like the Tennessee Titans offense. So, I’ll be back and better than ever next week with your fantasy matchup gold. This week however I’ll be tackling the Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams. Before I continue with the article though, I’d just like to send out my prayers to everyone affected by the current wildfires in California. That’s a very scary thing to have to deal with and my heart goes out to all of you. Now, let’s get to this game of the year.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams 8:15 PM ET Kickoff, O/U 63.0 (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)

This could be the shortest article I’ve ever written. Not because it’s just one game but because its the Rams and Chiefs. I could simply say that you need to start everyone on both sides because these two offenses are so overpowered that this could turn into an old fashioned high scoring college type football game. But, I won’t. Let’s dive a little deeper into this game and see what we can come up with. This game on tonight could potentially be your Super Bowl this year and honestly, even as a Patriots fan, I’d be really excited to watch. This game was supposed to be played in Mexico City but due to some very poor field conditions (Google it) it has been moved to LA and give the Rams home field advantage. When it comes to the Rams, it starts with Todd Gurley. Gurley has scored at least one touchdown in every game this year and he’s going to have another huge day against the porous Chiefs defense. TGII will have over 1,000 total rushing yards on the season in 11 weeks of the 2018 NFL Season. He’s currently sitting at 988 rushing yards and 402 receiving yards on the season. I look for TGII to have a huge game against the Chiefs. Jared Goff is sitting at third right now with 22 passing touchdowns and he certainly has a chance to move that total up in this game. Now, I know that several of these touchdowns could go to the way of rushing with TGII but the Chiefs are going to score and Goff will have to throw. Even with the loss of Cooper Kupp, whose season ended early with a torn ACL, Goff still has two of the best wide receiver weapons in the NFL in Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks. Let’s start with Woods who has over 70 receiving yards in every game this year. Woods is so consistent that I’d even start him on his bye week! All jokes aside, I have no idea how either of these two teams stop each other. The punters might as well sit in the press box and watch this game with a few brews and some good food. Brandin Cooks is another guy that, thanks to McVay, is a man on fire as well. Over the last two games, Cooks has had at least 100 receiving yards and a touchdown. There is no reason for Cooks, along with Gurley and Woods to all come away with several scores. If you have any of these guys on your team and you’re hurting for some fantasy points, worry no more as they should surpass any projections that they may have.

Can you guess who the league leader in touchdown passes and passing yards per game is? If you guessed Patrick Mahomes, then you’re right! You win the prize! You may be asking yourself, what prize? What did I win? Open up your phone, check your starting fantasy lineup. Is Mahomes your QB? Then you’ve won the prize already. If you’re looking at him and he’s on the other team that you may be playing, I truly hope you have at least one piece of either of these teams so that you don’t have to just chalk this week up to a loss. This team and that QB are just fun to watch. He creates plays from nothing sometimes and you just have to sit there with your mouth open wondering how he just did that. Mahomes can also beat you with his legs. He’s got 158 rushing yards and two rushing TD’s as well. He’s fantastic and I’m truly looking forward to watching him tonight. He’s got a great group of guys to throw to as well and that starts with Tyreek Hill. Tyreek the Freak averages 16 yards per catch and has nine touchdown on the year. I expect his TD total to increase in this game and it would not surprise me to watch him break off a huge 65 yard TD score tonight. If you are worried about Travis Kelce and his 46 yard day last week, don’t. We can all expect a rebound week from Kelce as the Rams are ranked in the bottom ten in receiving yards to the tight end. Before that game, his last three, he either had over 90 receiving yards and/or a touchdown. So have no fear, Kelce is here! Kareem Hunt is yet another offensive weapon that Mahomes can look to. Hunt is seventh in the league in rushing, averaging 75 yards a game. Not only is he a rushing threat but Mahomes also checks down to him on multiple occasions and can give Hunt an even better chance at a receiving touchdown. All of these guys are in line for huge days. Hmm… am I forgetting anyone? Oh yeah! Sammy Watkins. As of the time I’m writing this, Watkins is questionable with a foot injury. He didn’t practice on Friday or Saturday so in my eyes, I’d think he’s more on the doubtful side rather than the questionable side. I just wouldn’t count on him playing and if you are still trying the wait and see thing, please have a backup plan ready to go if he is designated as out tonight.

This is going to be such a fantastic game. I’m very excited to watch these two offenses put on a show for everyone watching at home and at the stadium. I hope you enjoy watching as well. That’s all I’ve got this week as I’ve been a very busy guy this weekend but I’ll be back on Saturday! Thanks again to Josh for filling in for me last week and please make sure to check out his weekly waiver wire column. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to all of you again soon.

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