IDP Corner: Week 8

Don’t look now but Landon Collins is 1) on a tear, 2) the number one IDP in most leagues, 3) been the most productive IDP over the past 4 weeks and 4) on a bye this week. If someone has made the mistake of dropping him to stream IDP players this week, go get him, now.

Same can be said for Zachary Orr and Vince Williams too, on bye, on a tear, scoring well on the season and recently.

Who else is worth looking at?

Defensive Backs:

Robert Alford – 6 passes defended, 2 interceptions, and a spattering of tackles over the past 4 weeks, and has Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia the next three weeks. He’s been working all season and the next three weeks should be no different. Atlanta has a bye after the PHI game, so if he continues to produce, you may want to trade him away due to some teams with tighter defenses that won’t give up points, and their offenses thusly won’t be throwing often to try to keep up with the Atlanta offense.

A.J. Bouye – Eyeball for a bye week player stream. Coming off of a decent week against Denver, and this week against Detroit, while those teams don’t have the same play style, the result should be similar as mid to long passes should occur often enough for Bouye to do some work. He has a bye next week so be mindful of that.

Ron Parker – Most likely he was drafted, but is most leagues a manager would have to be stubborn to have held on to him, to say Parker has been underwhelming compared to last year would be an understatement. That said, he came on last year, and with a slew of pass happy teams coming up, his bye week passed, and a strong game against New Orleans last week, I’m in buy mode on him.


Jordan Hicks – I came into this season thinking Hicks was going to end up a top ten IDP scorer… so much for that. He did have a darn good game last week and should have some chances to shine in the coming weeks. If you’re feeling lucky or are in a tough situation, he’s not a bad low risk with potential reward, and his bye has already passed so that’s one less worry.

Dont’a Hightower – Jamie Collins is still the LB to own in New England, but Hightower has put up some great games in October (besides the Cleveland game, Oct 9th). Since Rob Ninkovich has been back on the starting line, Hightower has been able to play the crash back that he is built to play, as opposed to the pretend 4th lineman. Due to the way the NE defense fluctuates from game to game, he is tough to depend on each week, but he will continue to have big games more often than not.


Cliff Avril – In the two weeks back from Seattle’s bye, Avril has produced 8 total tackles (ok numbers for a lineman), 2 passes defended (interesting for a lineman), 1 forced fumble (ooo nice) and 4.5 sacks (daaaayum) all against Arizona and Atlanta. Look at him (top image of the article) he looks like he could be on the cover of Madden, and with NO, BUF, NE, PHI, and TB coming up he can definitely keep this ball rolling.

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