IDP Corner: TNF Week 8

Now, I understand that not all Thursday night matchups are going to be winners (same with late games on Sunday, and Monday night games, especially this past week, oye vey), but this year just seems like Thursdays have been rather underwhelming. Jacksonville (2-4) and Tennessee (3-4) provide us two teams who came into this season with a great deal of potential. They are still two teams that have potential. But, they’ve yet to really live up to any of the potential we all thought they might have, at least it is another divisional match ups so that might help. There have been some standouts, on offense: DeMarco Murray, and more on defense: Avery Williams and Paul Posluszny, but more we have come across unmet potential in Derek Henry (who has been quiet due to Murray), most of the Jacksonville offense (due to injuries and what seems to be a general sense of confusion on every play), Wesley Woodyard and Derrick Morgan (age maybe?), and Telvin Smith (the least disappointing on this list, but still behind Posluszny in production this year, which many people thought he would not be).

The fun thing is this game even has its own potential. We could see both teams score based off of what the opposing offenses are good at. Jacksonville’s run D isn’t wonderfully scary, and the same can be said for the Tennessee passing D. That said, this game could also end in a 6-6 tie (like this Sunday’s game) and I would not be surprised either.

Defensive Backs:

Jalen Ramsey – Johnathan Cyprien should be owned, Ramsey is your #2 DB tackler, he’s not great, but if you need more than 0 points his floor seems to be about 2 tackles per game… so that.

Jason McCourty – He has most of the DB hype in TEN, and is likely getting streamed by someone in your league (or was just dropped due to the same thing). Grab him if he’s free, do not trade for him because…

Perrish Cox – Is just as good, there is 1 total tackle and 2 passes defended difference between the two, and you can probably get Cox at no issue.

Daimion Stafford – Producing similar tackle numbers as McCourty and Cox, Stafford falls behind in the passes defended and interception columns, but he is going about twice last year’s performance pace. Might even be worth noting him for next years draft (might be too early, but he’s been playing better).


Myles Jack – Has some future value. I even had hopes that he’d compliment Posluszny and Smith, but he is now #2 on the depth chart for the right side LB and he’s done little this season to convince us that he is worth keeping in shallow leagues. If you have him in dynasty, wait for next year before losing faith.


Yannick Ngakoue – Skip Malik Jackson’s hype and get Ngakoue’s value, in two of my leagues he is the 5th highest IDP scorer from JAX and is well above Jackson. Not worth having in non-linemen leagues though.

Good luck with your Thursday Night Football dreams.

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