IDP Corner: TNF Week 15

The problem with crushes is you can’t control who they are on, there is little to no reason for the interest, it’s just a gut feeling. As we move deeper into the playoffs sometimes you gotta listen to your gut, other times you need to not get cute and over complicate what has been simple all along. So here are a collection of players that I can most logically think out as being interesting… and Margus Hunt.

Players most likely owned and/or started in your league: Brandon Marshall, Justin Simmons (IR), Von Miller, Derek Wolfe (IR), Matthias Farley, Jon Bostic, and Antonio Morrison.

Defensive Linemen:
Margus Hunt: The Broncos offensive line gives up all kinds of points to defensive linemen, and while you can argue that Johnathan Hankins will benefit just as much, if you’ve read my articles last year then you would know that I have a man crush on Hunt. I could also argue that he has had a better two games in a row over Hankins, which is a small comparison, but given that neither were very productive til a couple weeks ago, it’s as good of one as any.

Shelby Harris: One of the few teams worse at giving up points to opposing DL’s are, wait for it… the Colts. Again you could argue another player (Adam Gotsis) could benefit from such a matchup, but again recent performance (2 weeks, since Derek Wolfe was injured) leans in Harris’ favor.

Barkevious Mingo: Similar to line play the Broncos give up plenty of points to Linebackers, and Mingo has a consistently high snap percentage, and is very unlikely owned in your league. That said, I’m not expecting the world’s craziest stats but, if you are feeling frisky and need to pick up someone, he’s an interesting dice roll.

Todd Davis: You will never guess the team that gives up more points to LBs than the Broncos… yup the Colts. Again, Davis rides in the consistent high snap counts, but unlikely owned in your league. Davis has a slightly better floor than Mingo does, but I think Mingo has the better chance to spike higher. Again, both are a dice roll.

Defensive Backs:
Kenny Moore: Finally, a defensive position where the Colts and the Broncos are not neck and neck… the Broncos love giving up point to DBs, which is probably indicative of the inconsistent play of their QBs this season. While normally a Safety has a better chance at consistent scoring, Moore has been productive since IND’s bye week (3 weeks ago), and pair that with Siemian’s propensity to fall into gunslinger mode, there’s always a chance for an INT and at least throws to WRs that don’t have much separation.

Good luck to everyone on your Thursday endeavors. And as always if you have questions feel free to reach out via twitter to me @decoylife or the other gurus @TFFGurus, @DaFantasyFather, and @TheFantasyBoys.

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