Hogs & Dogs: Week 1

As much as we all love the summer, all good things must come to an end.   With the changing of the seasons comes the dawn of a new NFL season.  As we all know, this is a fantastic time of year.  Drafts are all wrapped up, waivers have been processed (make sure to check out Josh’s weekly waiver wire article), and our lineups are just about set as we prepare for the Patriots and Chiefs opener tomorrow night.  I mean we’re only one day away from seeing Roger Goodell’s clown nose plastered all over our screens, could we be any happier?  The real question is, how will you know who to start Thursday night?  And maybe not just Thursday night, but maybe for your entire season?  And that’s what this article is here to help you do.

This bad boy is the ole Wednesday special; our weekly start and sit article that we want to get out to you before Thursday’s games. While discussing starts and sits in Hogs and Dogs, we also like to sprinkle in some buy lows, sell highs, who’s hot, who’s cold, and contrarian views that might not exactly mesh with what the majority of other experts are saying.  We want to give you a different perspective of the NFL while also delivering some helpful advice that can translate to success in your leagues.  Let’s take it away.

With this being first the first week of the season, we, unfortunately, don’t have too much to go on aside from coach speak, preseason stats, and some media notes. This week’s list will be a bit shorter than usual, due to the lack of anything substantial other than last year’s stats and tape.


Derek Carr – My light has faded a bit on Carr from this offseason, but I still think he has a prime matchup against a revamped secondary. They brought in a decent amount of talent while also waving goodbye to Jason McCourty.  My feeling is that it will take a bit of time for that unit to completely mesh, giving the edge to Carr in week one.

Ty Montgomery – A favorite amongst some of the Gurus, Monty has the opportunity to have a gigantic season as the caddy to the best fantasy quarterback in the league. A converted WR, he has the ability to help you in the receiving department as well.  He may not be in the uber-talented tier at the position, but he shouldn’t have a problem finishing the year as a top-10 RB with one of the safest week to week floors.

Martavis Bryant – Martavis is very lucky that the NFL put a halt to him doing too many marijuanas! That stuff can really derail a player’s career.  In one of the best offenses in the league, Marty should slide right back into his role from a year ago being the other outside receiver opposite Antonio Brown.  He was able to practice and play all preseason, so I’m not expecting too much rust and think the sky is the limit for this young man.


C.J. Anderson – Nothing against the man, but I’m just not a huge believer. The offense is destined to struggle even with the addition of Brock “Edward Cullen” Osweiler and he has some decent competition in the backfield, even with Devontae Booker on the shelf.  He may get the start in week one, but I don’t think he finishes the year with the job and he’ll be battling Jamaal Charles and De’Angelo Henderson for touches all game.

Mark Ingram – I wouldn’t be surprised if Ingram was somehow already in Sean Payton’s doghouse. Payton just couldn’t let the man have the backfield to himself.  And if we thought Tim Hightower was a sap on his week to week potential, what do you think Adrian Peterson could possibly do to it?  I have a hard time trusting either player until we see how things unfurl, but if I had to guess, AP is the goal line back and that leaves Ingram too hard to trust until we get a rough idea of his role.

Demaryius Thomas – Call this one a wait and see, but it might be tough to start DT with his groin injury still being a problem. We are expecting him to start but it’s certainly no guarantee.  If he is to start, a snap count should be expected.  Groin injuries can be nagging and recurring, so it might be difficult to leave him in your lineup with the Bronco game not being until Monday night.

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And that’ll wrap us up. Best of luck to everyone this week.  We’re here to have fun and we’re here to help you.  So if you can’t get enough of the Guru family, be sure to check out all of our great content below.  We’re everywhere, so come get in on the action!

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