Doug’s DraftKings player picks week 2


Week one is officially in the books! Here is to hoping you made some money, I however did not. I had a good mix of players that hit value in most of my lineups,just not all together! I finished in the top 25% in all of my Gpp’s and just missed cashing in the one 50/50 I entered. Such is life and with a new week comes new opportunities. As a way to hold myself accountable to myself and you, the reader, I will provide a weekly recap of the previous weeks player picks. I find that accountability is important in this industry as too many writers, podcasters and “experts” throw things at a wall and see if they stick and are quick to tout their “wins” but never talk about the “losses” or “misses”. Both you and I know nobody is perfect at predicting what is going to happen week to week but I think some reflection is due when you whiff on a player or team pick for the week. I will break these down in three categories: Touchdowns are players that finished in the top 10 at their respective position or produced 5X their value, which I discussed last week. First Downs are players that didn’t hurt you in your lineup and had average results based on cost. Punts are the players that I completely whiffed on and did not help you in any way, shape or form. They happen, it’s part of the game. If I did a bad job picking them I’m going to own up to it! With that said here are the results from week one:


Jameis Winston, Carson Wentz, Spencer Ware, Will Fuller, Tajae Sharpe, Dwayne Allen, Minnesota defense

First Downs:

Brock Osweiler, Dak Prescott,Rashad Jennings, Charles Sims, Michael Crabtree, Marvin Jones Jr.,Philly D, Houston D.


James White, Martellus Bennett, Clive Walford

I still trust my thought process around the reasoning to play all three of these players. Bennett unfortunately was asked to block on the majority of his snaps, which looking at it now it made sense for the Patriots to use him as a sixth lineman against a good Cardinals D. I wrote last weeks article before Gronk was ruled out and I think when Gronk comes back Bennett will have some big weeks. Week one just wasn’t one of them. The case for White was he would be a good dump off for Jimmy G and to an extent he was, he just didn’t do much with the five catches he hauled in and the Pats almost exclusively used Lagarette Blount in the run game. There is always risk to starting a NE running back. Boom or bust. Walford was the most disappointing of the three. This game ended up being the highest scoring game on the slate and Walford did next to nothing. Bummer city, but I’m giving him another shot as you will read below!



Joe Flacco: $6,500 vs. Cleveland (Road)

The Browns made a rookie Quarterback look like a seasoned veteran in week one, so what’s going to happen when good ole Flacco seagulls soars over the stadium? Joe cool is going to light it up this week. I wouldn’t start any other Baltimore players as there is just too much going on at every other position. I expect Flacco to spread the ball around to the tune of 300 yards passing and a couple of touchdowns in what could be a sneaky high scoring game now that Mccown is back at the helm for Cleveland. More on that in a minute.

Dak Prescott: $5,800 vs. Washington (Road)

I was pretty impressed by Prescotts play in week one. He was the highest owned quarterback in all of the cash games I played in last week and for a chalk play did ok. I see him building off of that performance and having a good game against the Redskins defense who didn’t look all that great against Pittsburgh on Monday night. I like an affordable stack of Cowboys this week in what should be a fun divisional game to watch.

Josh Mccown: $5,000 vs. Baltimore (Home)

“I will break you” famous words from Dolph Lundgren in Rocky  IV and suspiciously Mccown resembles Ivan Drago and the man playing QB in front of him is now going to miss an extended period of time. Coincidence?  I liked the Browns offense under RGknee but I LOVE the offense now that Mccown is under center. Last year Mccown averaged over 300 yards and two touchdowns against the Ravens. I expect him to be the highest owned quarterback this week so be careful with this chalk play if you only do a lineup or two. I lean Boom over bust this week.


Eli Manning: $7,600 vs. New Orleans (Home)

We talked about this one in our Trophy Time podcast. This a classic Eli Manning spot. The match up is juicy, the stars are aligned and somehow Eli doesn’t end up paying off. This happens with Manning all the time it seems. I don’t see how this doesn’t end up in a high scoring affair and the fact that New Orleans top three cornerbacks have zero games played coming into this year means Eli should pay off. Big rebound week for OBJ incoming as well. Don’t let us down Eli!

Running Back:

Ezekiel Elliott: $7,300 vs. Washington (Road)

A lot of owners were disappointed with Zeke in week one. I see why, expectations are through the roof for the kid! I think Zeke is a great contrarian play this week against a Washington defense that just gave up over 140 yards to D’angelo Williams. The holes Williams had to run through were huge and we all know how good the Cowboys line is. I fully expect over 100 yards and a score or two. Big week for Zeke!

Rashad Jennings: $5,600 vs. New Orleans (Home)

I had high hopes for Jennings last week and sadly, he didn’t deliver. I’m going to use this opportunity to go back to the well. Jennings had 18 carries last week and is still the clear cut goal line back. I was surprised how much the Giants used Vereen last week and he is a good play as well if you want a cheaper option. This game should go over sixty points rather easily and Jennings should see as much if not more work than he did in week one. 100 total yards and a score? Feels about right and I want redemption.

T.J. Yeldon: $4,700 vs. San Diego (Road)

The good news for the Jaguars is Chris Ivory has been released from the hospital. The bad news is he is unlikely to play on Sunday which is great news for T.J. Yeldon. Yeldon punched in a goal in a goal line score which helped salvage a pretty ugly game for him. I guess my theme of the week is bounce back performances because I see this as a great spot for Yeldon to do just that. The chargers run D is what we thought they were,bad. If Yeldon can maximize his touches with a few catches like Spencer Ware did last week Yeldon has a shot to be a top 10 RB this week. Bold? Maybe, but sometimes bold is what helps win tournaments.


Jonathan Stewart: $5,400 vs. San Francisco (Home)

I though stew beef looked pretty good against one of the best defenses in the league on Thursday night. San Fran is no slouch but Carolina has a much better line than the Rams and they have this guy named Cam Newton, don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him? The Niners shouldn’t be stacking the boxes and if Carolina goes up a couple of scores Stewart is going to get quite a bit of work. He’s one of my favorite sneaky plays of the week.

Wide Receiver:

A.J. Green: $8,900 vs. Pittsburgh (Road)

This play has more chalk than a elementary school classroom. We all saw what Ariel Jeremiah Green did to Revis last week and he has a history of killing the Steelers. Don’t get cute and pay up for Green this week.

Stefon Diggs: $5,100 vs. Green Bay (Home)

Stefon Diggs is starting to look like the real deal. He’s clearly the focal point of the Vikings passing game and is very reasonably priced this week. Sam Shields is in concussion protocol so keep an eye on his status as that would make Diggs an even stronger play if Shields is out. I’m hoping Shaun Hill remains the starter as he looked Diggs way a ton. Bradford has the better skill set obviously but we don’t know if he has a good rapport with Diggs just yet. Either way at this price I’m still getting him into my lineups.

Cole Beasley: $3,200 vs. Washington (Road)

In the mold of Julian Edelman but not nearly as talented, Beasley led the Cowboys in targets in week one. Both Witten and Beasley seem to be nice short range safety blankets for Dak Prescott. Expect more of the same in their match up against the Redskins. Another name in a similar situation to monitor is Jeremy Kerley who is only $3,000 this week and appeared to be Gabberts best buddy on the field.


Emmanuel Sanders: $6,000 vs. Indianapolis (Home)

A potentially dinged up Demariyus Targaryen,a soft match up and good rapport with Trevor Siemien make Manny Sanders a great play this week. He continues to look like the receiver to target and own week in and week out in Denver. 80 yards and a touchdown, book it.

Tight End:

Jason Witten: $4,300 vs. Washington (Road)

The Cowboy stack is complete! The ultimate dad runner, Witten worked his way into nine catches last week against a soft Giants linebacker corp and as you’ve read before I like the Cowboys against the Redskins this week. Stack all the Cowboys and then spend big on OBJ and David Johnson etc this week. I believe this to be a sound strategy.

Eric Ebron: $3,500 vs. Tennesee (Home)

It was great to see Ebron on the field and making some nice plays in a passing fueled game. I think the same game plan is true for the game against the Titans. Their run defense looked great as they shut down Adrian Peterson. Stafford should throw a ton and Ebron should be a good bet for 60 yards and a score.

Clive Walford: $2,900 vs. Atlanta (Home)

Let’s be completely honest here, the tight end position was a dumpster fire in week one. Jack Doyle was your leading scorer! I still believe in Walford and I think this game has some potential for a high score as long as Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu are on the field for the Falcons. A bit of a dart throw this week on Walford to be honest. My gut tells me he bounces back and if he doesn’t Ill make a doctors appointment to get it looked at.


Baltimore: $3,300 vs. Cleveland (Road)

This could be a trap. Are the Ravens legit or were the Bills that bad? I think it’s a bit of both. But the Browns are the Browns so they are a relatively safe bet.

New England: $3,000 vs. Miami (Home)

All things considered I think the Pats defense looked really good on Sunday night against an explosive Cardinals squad. The Dolphins struggled against the Seahawks which isn’t surprising but I just don’t see them putting it together a week later on the road in a divisional match up.

Jacksonville: $2,300 vs. San Diego (Road)

My hail mary play of the week! the Jags travel across country to face the Chargers who Rivers lit up last year for four TD’s. The price is sooooo attractive to me as it allows some pricier players to be inserted into your lineup. I think they did a nice job against the Packers offense in week one. The Chargers aren’t the Packers and Rivers has no Keenan so I’m willing to bet the Bolts may struggle in this one.

That wraps up week two! If you have any questions please shoot us an email at or feel free to send me a tweet @dafantasyfather Good luck and let’s win some money!!!

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