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We are just a group of friends that live in New Hampshire who eat, sleep and drink fantasy football all year long. Let’s face it, we are here to help guide you in kicking your friends, co-workers, boyfriend, girlfriend, father In-Law or Mother’s ass in fantasy football and help you win your fantasy football league championship!!

Let us do the research and help guide you all the way to victory. With over 20+ years of combined experience and numerous fantasy football championships under our belts, you can trust that we wouldn’t advice you to do it unless we were willing to do it ourselves.

The fantasy season never sleeps and neither should you! Ok that’s a lie, you have to sleep or you will go insane. It’s science, so don’t try it! When you wake up though, the first thing you should do is check out our twitter page (@TFFGurus) and see if we have posted anything new. Then come back here to read our latest articles and always be on the look out for a special guest to drop in! You never know who may have shown up and written a column.

Thank you for reading this far down and we hope you enjoy most of what we post! If you don’t, well i’m sure you will let us know. Follow us on Twitter (@TFFGurus) and keep coming back to our site to see new posts on top ten rankings, FA updates and so much more.

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