You’ve Got Mail: Rookie Edition

It’s that time of the year where we hit a little bit of a lull in fantasy football news. The good news is we have some folks that have rookie questions now that the NFL Draft is complete. Here is our newest mailbag!

 Who do you think out of all the rookies will have the most fantasy points in their first year? -Bigwill93

Thanks for asking Big Will! I think it’s a pretty easy lock that Leonard Fournette will outscore the field in year one. They drafted a FB and improved the offensive line for him which is an indicator that they want to feature him and evolve their offense into a more run-based attack. I think the name you have to look out for that could give Fournette a run for his money is Samaje Perine in Washington. He’s part of a top five offense and only has Rob Kelley to beat in front of him. The Redskins came out and said he was their fourth running back on their board and they got their guy in the fourth round and were thrilled.

I have a rookie draft coming up and could use a tight end. I’m picking fifth in a twelve team league. Is the fifth spot too early to draft a TE? Thanks.  -GhostofDanielGraham

First off, love the username! There was once a time when Daniel Graham was the highest paid Tight End in the NFL. I bet the Broncos would like to take that one back. To answer your question, I believe taking a Tight End at the fifth spot is a bit of a reach for me. This is a very deep class and I would rather take a Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook with the fifth pick and then see how the board starts to unfold. I would entertain putting a package together to possibly move up and get one of the big three if you feel you need to. In rookie drafts, I tend to draft best player available but I understand filling positions, it just comes with more risk baked in.

Who the hell is this Joe Williams I keep hearing about? -SanFrancisco69er

Joe Williams is 5’11, 210lb running back from Utah that was selected 121st overall in the fourth round by the San Francisco 49ers. He’s a player that comps to Jerrick Mckinnon. Great athlete but has some off the field issues which included a theft at UConn which lead to his dismissal. He also “retired” for a month before coming back to Utah after they were ravaged by injuries. He also has a fumbling issue. Williams name has been hot in the twittersphere these last few weeks as Kyle Shanahan was said to have been “pounding the table” for the 49ers to draft him as he was supposedly off of their big board. The chatter of Carlos Hyde losing his starting job have already started which has spiked Williams ADP in rookie drafts. He is currently being selected in the middle of the second round. That’s way too rich for me. I’ll select Kareem Hunt, Marlon Mack and James Conner before I take a chance on Williams. Don’t believe the hype!

Is this the year Frank Gore finally gives up the ghost? Is Marlon Mack worth a second round rookie pick? Thanks! -Thanksgivinglegcramps

The short answer in no, Gore isn’t giving up the ghost in 2017. The fantasy cockroach just celebrated his 34th birthday and shows no signs of slowing down. The only thing that will stop him is an injury and he hasn’t missed a game in SIX years! To answer your question about Marlon Mack, I would be OK drafting him towards the end of the second round in your rookie draft. I don’t think he is the replacement for Gore this year but he offers some change of pace upside in PPR leagues and he can hit the home run. Unless he can improve his pass protection and get better at running between the tackles he may not see the field as much as you would like him too early on in his career. He did land in a spot with a great mentor, however.

Who are some of your favorite players to draft in the late rounds of your rookie drafts this season? -EddieLacyOU812

Let me guess you are a Van Halen fan from Green Bay? Love the handle! I’ve wrapped up two rookie drafts so far and here are the guys I love that I’ve been able to get in the fourth round:

Josh Reynolds: Lot’s of opportunity on the outside in Los Angeles and I love the size and speed combo. One of the best “my ball” mentality receivers in the draft. Could be a big red zone contributor in year one.

Aaron Jones: Stock is on the rise as more people discover him post draft. Let everyone else take Jamaal Williams in round two while you take Jones in round 4. He’s a complete back and the Ty Montgomery hand cuff that I want on my teams.

Kenny Golladay: Can you name the receivers on the Lions roster after Golden Tate and Marvin Jones? Ryan Broyles is incorrect. Anquan Boldin? Nope. It’s T.J. Jones, Jared Abbrederis, and Jace Billingsley. I’ll put my money on the guy that got picked in the third round who is 6’4″ and ran a 4.50 to win the job in training camp. Outside height and speed is a great fit for Matthew Stafford’s abilities.

Ardarius Stewart: An underused asset in the Alabama offense, Stewart is a nice fit for a rebuilding Jets team. Stewart’s stock will rise if the Jets decide to move on from Eric Decker this off-season. That will leave Quincy Enunwa as the WR1 and Stewart will have a shot to win the number two job especially with Robby Anderson having some off the field issues this year. Wheels up!

 I won my league last year so I have the 1.12 pick in our rookie draft. I don’t have a lot of needs and I’m considering trading the pick for a 2018 1st. Thoughts? -fidgetspinner2017

First of all, congrats on your championship! If I was in your position I would totally shop the pick around the league. I would target a team that you think may finish in the bottom half this year or a team that may not have a first rounder at all. I have seen these types of moves net owners a top three and sometimes even the first overall pick. That would be a huge advantage for you in your overall team construction.

I listen to quite a few podcasts and find Trophy Time to be one of my favorites! What podcasts do the Guru’s listen to, if any at all? -BandwagonJnine

Thanks for listening and I’m glad you enjoy Trophy Time! It would be awesome if you could leave us a review on Itunes, wink wink. I don’t know which pods Josh and Christopher listen to be honest but I listen to about 10-15 hours of podcasts a week. I’m a stay at home dad so I have plenty of time while I’m busy around the house to listen. Some of my favorites are The Dynasty Happy Hour, Harris Football, RotoUnderworld, Fantasy Football Engineering, Dynasty Trade Calculator, The Bull Rush, The Late Round Podcast, All in Dynasty and The Roto Bahn Podcast. I like to listen to both dynasty and redraft pods. I also enjoy both the film analysis pods like Harris Football and the metric driven pods like RotoUnderworld and The Late Round Podcast.  I like to arm myself with information, what can I say!

Well that does it for our rookie mailbag. Thanks for all the great questions! Please make sure to check out our latest episodes of Trophy Time and our newest articles for the in depth rookie information you’ve been waiting for!





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