2017 Free Agent Eight Ball

When I woke up this morning the sun felt warmer, the air a little fresher and the chirping of the birds a little louder and it could only mean one thing, the 2017 free agent market opens today!! It’s that time to sit down, buckle in and go along for the roller coaster ride which is the free agent open market. Smart GM’s will keep their focus on the open FA market and the impact the proven talent of the NFL could have on their new team. So, as we close the doors at Lucas Oil Stadium the entire fantasy community shifts its focus onto the 2017 free agent class with anticipation of where they may end up!

Using my magic 8 ball let’s see where the biggest free agents of 2017 are going to land this off-season.

2017 Free Agents: 

  • Alshon Jeffrey, WR, Chicago Bears:

Alshon Jeffrey is the clear #1 player in this year’s free agent class and as of right now he hasn’t accepted an offer to stay with the Bears. Coming off a subpar season a change of scenery might be what’s best to kick start Alshon’s fantasy ADP and remind the entire fantasy community of the beast he was back in the 2013 & 2014 seasons.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Tennesse Titans – Amazing opportunity to play with one of the best up and coming quarterbacks in the NFL! This signing would skyrocket Mariota’s fantasy value and also raise the supporting cast’s ADP’s as well. This is a fantasy dream scenario but another would be if he landed in New England! With $61m in cap space available, the Patriots could make this happen but it’s a REAL long shot.

Most likely Landing Spot: Chicago Bears – They want to keep Alshon & pair him with Howard to help speed up the rebuilding process and with $51M available in cap space the Bears have the money to get this deal done.

  • Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings decided that a soon to be 32-year-old RB w/ over 2,400 carries on his odometer, who is coming off his second knee surgery in 4 years was not worth holding onto. AP holds the best name recognition of this year’s free agent running back class similar to Matt Forte a year ago but unfortunately not a lot of teams are interested in spending money on a RB with that many miles on him. The good thing is AP is a freak and with only 1 full season under his belt over the past 3, he might just have enough left in his tank to give a team on the cusp a chance at a Super Bowl run.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Oakland Raiders – The Raiders have the 2nd best run-blocking O-line in football and could give AP the best offensive line he has ever played behind. A healthy AP who has played in at least 13+ games in a season has never scored less than 10 touchdowns or rushed for under 1k yards. If this happens I will have a FA Chubby!

Most likely Landing Spot: Oakland Raiders – They can get him on the cheap and is a much better running back than Latavius Murray who they let walk or any other RB who is on the current roster.

  • Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs:

Like AP, Charles is coming off a knee injury which derailed both his 2015 and 2016 seasons. A huge fan of JC I really want to see him get back to 100% healthy because he is just so much fun to watch when he is right. I would love to see him go to a high octane offense that can use him in creative ways to help get him into space and give him a little more time to feel comfortable on his surgically repaired ACL. The good thing is he will be two years removed from the reconstructive surgery on his right knee by the beginning of the season and if he faces no further complications should be one of the fresher backs at his age. With only 9 total games played since 2015 Charles seems like the best RB to bounce back in a big way in 2017.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: New Orleans – Please make this happen!! Charles on the fast turf w/ Drew Brees would be magical. With a coaching staff who is not in love with their starting running back, Charles if healthy might be able to be the new lead back and it might make your head explode with potential.

Most likely Landing Spot: Philadelphia Eagles – This landing spot makes a ton of sense for both the player and the team. Eagles really don’t have a starting running back on their roster and I think JC could fit well in Pederson’s offensive scheme.

  • Terrell Pryor Sr, WR, Cleveland Browns:

Pryor came out of nowhere and had a monster season posting 77/1,007/4 and he couldn’t have chosen a better time to have his best season as a pro. Pryor will be hitting the market and at 27 could be giving a team a much-needed weapon on the outside when he is just hitting his stride. At 6’4 240 and with 4.5 speed, Pryor became a force on a poor Browns team that only won 1 game last year.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Pittsburgh Steelers – Do you think the Steelers could have used a tall, fast outside receiver that can catch the deep ball last year? With Martavis Bryant’s status still up in the air and the Steelers organization continuing to talk about him in the past tense, a landing spot in Pittsburgh would do wonders for Pryor’s fantasy stock. With limited cap space, this dream has a very low chance of actually happening. Also, I really hope Bryant is back with the Steelers too!

Most likely Landing Spot: San Francisco – I think Pryor is going to land in the bay and with Kyle Shanahan, at the helm, this could be a sneaky good landing spot for him. The quarterback in San Francisco is still an unknown and will drastically impact Pryor’s fantasy value but if he can make it work with RGIII and cast in Cleveland, I think he will be just fine.

  • DeSean Jackson, WR, Washington Redskins: 

DJax is out of Washington and isn’t looking back. Posting another solid season Jackson is still one of the faster wide receivers in the league but he is going to be on the other side of 30 in December. I don’t think of all the FA wide receivers his ADP will move much no matter where he goes but he is still a solid player that could give you matchup production.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Tampa Bay – It looks like DJax is off to Tampa come Tuesday afternoon and it will help keep his fantasy stock neutral and help raise the stocks of Mike Evans and Jameis Winston in the process.

Most likely Landing Spot: Tampa Bay – I think you can book this one.

  • Kenny Britt, WR, LA Rams: 

Compton Kenny Britt was the Rams best wide receiver in 2016 with arguably the worst QB play in the NFL. Somehow Britt was able to produce a 1,000-yard season and haul in 5 touchdowns with Jared Goff under center (Insert Throw Up Emoji Here). The open market should be kind to Britt who at 28 showed he can be a productive WR even when in a bad offense.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Washington Redskins – With both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon leaving via free agency, the Redskins have $32M in cap space and will be in the market for a WR. At only 28, I think Britt provides the Redskins the most cap friendly option with the most production capability of the big three. Britt to Washington would make this Cousins dynasty owner sleep a little easier at night.

Most likely Landing Spot: Washington Redskins – I think this is the logical landing spot but if not Washington, Britt has said he would like to come back east to play. I think the Buffalo Bills are a team Britt could land on as well.

  • Kenny Stills, WR, Miami Dolphins: 

At only 24 (25 in April) Stills is one of the youngest free agents this summer and is coming off of a year in Miami that showcased his game-changing speed. Not a big wide receiver at only 6’0, Stills used the deep ball to rack up over 700 yards and 9 TD’s and finish as the WR 28.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: New Orleans – A reunion with Sean Peyton and Drew Brees would be fucking amazing!! This week with all the reports of the Saints shopping Brandin Cook’s contract, an opening for a small speedy receiver might be available in New Orleans very soon.

Most likely Landing Spot: Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are targeting Stills in free agency and could really use his skill set to improve the passing offense which dipped a bit in the 2nd half of the season and help with the growth of Carson Wentz.

  • Latavius Murray, RB, Oakland Raiders:

Latavius saved his fantasy life last year with a 12 touchdown season but his low YPC, total yardage, and inability to gain the full workhorse commitment from the coaching staff. In Oakland, they continuously rotated in the two rookie backs that have most fantasy GM’s leaving him for dead in 2017. Murray’s ADP could take a nice spike if he can land in the right spot.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: New England – A team that has a great offense that has the ability to use Murray like they did another free agent running back LeGarrette Blount. Murray showed he is a touchdown-dependent fantasy running back just like Blount did last year. If New England’s offense can get Blount 18 touchdowns, how many could Murray get?

Most likely Landing Spot: Minnesota Vikings – This one looks like the obvious choice as the news unfolded of the Vikings releasing Adrian Peterson. Murray will still be used in a committee where ever he goes but this landing spot might be able to give him the most touches per game. Bad running blocking O-Line is a major concern.

  • Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay:

Fat Eddie is a free agent and it couldn’t have happened at the worst time in his short career. Once a very productive back, Lacy has hit a fat wall and has been a major disappointment over the past two seasons. A healthy and trimmed Lacy could show the burst and power that made him one of the best young running backs in football just a few short years ago.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Green Bay – Every fantasy owner would take Lacy’s first 2 years of production in the Green Bay offense in a second. I still think it’s the best offense for him to be in and gives him the best fantasy value.

Most likely Landing Spot: Green Bay – I think the Packers want to bring him back and he would be stupid to not want to go back.

  • Martellus Bennett, TE, New England:

Bennett had a fantasy resurgence after a down year in 2015 with Chicago. In the Patriots offense, Martellus Rex was able to produce his second best fantasy season of his career posting a 55/701/7 season. The #1 TE on the market this year showed he still has some gas left in the tank.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: New York Giants – Bennett had a dream scenario of events with Gronk missing most of the season and was able to produce at a TE 1 level. Heading to New York would reunite Bennett with Manning and allow him to be the #1 tight end in an offense with Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, and Paul Perkins.

Most likely Landing Spot: New England – I think winning helps get Bennett back for one more year in New England on a cap friendly contract.

  • Jack Doyle, TE, Indianapolis Colts:

Doyle had a great 2016 season posting 59/584/5 line while becoming the best tight end on the team. The Colts tried to lock him up but Doyle is going to test the market in a weak TE class.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Jacksonville Jaguars – With the exit of Julius Thomas who was sent to Miami just a few weeks ago, Doyle could slide into a great spot in a pass heavy offense as the #1 tight end.

Most likely Landing Spot: Jacksonville Jaguars – This is the best spot on the market for Doyle as mentioned above and the one I think will happen. The Giants will be in the mix if they can’t get Bennett.

  • Jared Cook, TE, Green Bay:  

Jared Cook’s impact on the Packers offense was on full display in the final regular-season games and the playoffs. If Cook could have stayed healthy all season he would have had a great shot of finishing as a TE1 in standard scoring formats.

Dream Fantasy Landing Spot: Green Bay – Cook’s fantasy value will be at it’s highest if he can stay in Green Bay and have another shot of playing in the Packers offense for a full season.

Most likely Landing Spot: Green Bay –  I think Cook is smart enough to see he hit the jackpot when he signed with Green Bay last year. I think when everything is said and done Cook will stay in Green Bay because it’s what’s best for both sides.

Well, there you have it, the dream fantasy spots for the big 2017 Free Agents. I’m excited to come back and take a look at this article in a few weeks to see how right or how wrong I was! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the “Trophy Time” podcast and all the great content we have to offer.

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