2015 Fantasy Rankings – Top 10 Wide Receivers

By Josh Trotta


The top ten running backs dropped last week and it was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who read it and we hope that it helps you in making that all too tough decision on which running back you are going to take first.

A new week is upon us and it is time for what we feel is the next most important fantasy position to draft wide receiver! The wideout group is busting at the seems this year. Something we found out the hard when it came to trying to narrow down the list of wide receivers to only 10! You could make a case for so many to be in the top 10 and come next year it could be even tougher. Big questions for the position as we head into training camp and draft day. Can the elite receivers keep performing at that level or is a drop off in the future? Can Calvin come back to Megatron status? Can OBJ do it again? Will the class of 2015 outperform the class of 2014? and can some old vets dust off the cleats and return to fantasy dominance with new teams?

We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds and I’m sure you can’t either. So with out further ado here is our top ten list of wide receivers.

1. Antonio Brown – What more can you say about Antonio Brown that hasn’t already been said? The man just flat out knows how to get open and Big Ben loves throwing it to him. Brown was hands down the best receiver last year in fantasy and he might be even better this year. His sidekick Martavis Bryant will be on the field come week 1 and will be drawing defenders away from Brown and Big Ben is another year familiar with the offense. Antonio Brown is the new Megatron and don’t think he is ready to give up that title just yet. 1600+ yards and double digit touchdowns are in sight again for Mr. Brown.

2. Dez Bryant – IT WAS A CATCH!! Sorry about that but it still bothers me. Dez destroyed the NFL last season and if it wasn’t for our number 1 guys unbelievable year catching the ball and the yards after them, then Dez would be number one. 16 times Bryant found the end zone! That is a lot of X’s being thrown up. Dez just simply catches touchdowns and in fantasy that is the hardest thing to predict, so why not take the safe option and pick Dez. You know he will get his and hopefully help you put up a W!

3. Jordy Nelson – The white boy never gets the real love he deserves when it comes to top ten lists. Which is always so surprising to us here. All the man does is play in the best offense in the entire league, with the NFL’s best quarterback and all he does is produce. Last year he finished third in yards, tied for second in touchdowns with Brown only Dez had more and finished third in catches thrown 20+ yards downfield. Nelson and Rodgers are producing at an incredible rate and you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Demaryius Thomas – Ok I know this is lower then he usually is and you all know how much we love DT here at Guru’s but you can not be a little scared going into the 2015 season with how poorly the man who throws him the ball was down the stretch. DT is a freak and as gifted a wideout in the NFL and easily could be your #1 guy if 2013 Peyton Manning comes back from the dead. Let’s face Manning was down right awful down the stretch last year and a wide receiver depends on the position more then anyone else on the field. Not to mention Denver has a new coach who last time I checked loves running the rock. DT will get his no doubt about it, he always has and with Manning under center he most certainly will. Just as the playoffs are coming around would you rather have DT or the three guys above him?

5. Odell Beckham Jr. – The dude balled out last year plain and simple! Dominating the NFL as a rookie and putting up pro bowl numbers in just 12 GAMES!!!!! Odell is a freak of nature and his precision route running, blazing straight line speed and unbelievable catching skills, Odell is the real deal and a similar if not better season is up for grabs for this superstar. Eli is going to be looking his way often this upcoming season. Even with Cruz back from the ACL tear that cost him all last year, Beckham showed he can carry an offense last year and I don’t see the OC of the Giants changing what worked so well during those 12 games. Look to see much of the same from OBJ and lets hope the one handed grabs keep on coming!

6. Calvin Johnson – It pains me to put Megatron at 6 it really does. We love us some Megatron and he will always have a special place for helping win me a title a few years back single handily and is a future fantasy hall of famer but there is no denying that age, injury’s and poor quarterback play have put a series dent in his overall fantasy value. Last year was another productive season but did not live up the standards Megatron owners are expecting. Injury’s took him off the field once again in 2014 and Stafford took yet another step back struggling with the big target off the field. Detroit is poised with Tate on the other side and some other nice options to have a high powered offensive in 2015 but if Stafford keeps regressing then Megatron will continue to fall in our top ten lists. The scariest fantasy receiver is looking for a bounce back year but will this be the year? Let’s hope so.

7. Julio Jones – Julio like most who have gone before him is an absolute physical freak. In his prime Julio Jones is the number one target on a team that just a few years ago was in the NFC championship game. Matt Ryan had another solid year last year but injury’s are a major concern when looking at drafting Julio. Sidelined again last year, Jones is biggest issue is staying healthy. He will put up the numbers and Matt Ryan will continue to look for him no matter where they are on the field. A new OC comes in this season and will bring with him a run heavy scheme but look for Jones to still have heavy targets. YAC is a fantasy owners favorite stat and Jones eats up yardage after the catch. Julio is a great wide receiver with the potential to finish the year as the best wide out in fantasy.

8. Randall Cobb – Another Packer wideout and by far the most versatile player in the top 10 not named OBJ. Cobb like OBJ is a smaller receiver who primary plays out of the slot but has the top end speed to leave defenders in the dust and all he does is play with the best QB in the NFL. The Packers love to throw the ball and there is more then enough to go around in Green Bay. Cobb lead the team in targets from week 7 on and he is a threat to take it to the house every time he gets his hands on the ball. Cobb to us here at Guru’s is one of the safest picks of this top ten because of his importance in this style of offense. Plus he has produced time and time again. As long as he can stay healthy in 2015 we should see similar numbers to last year that had Cobb finishing in most standard scoring leagues as the 7th best fantasy wide receiver.

9. AJ Green – Is the prototype number 1 receiver in today’s NFL. Tall, fast and great hands, Green has a tremendous wingspan and has a knack for the spectacular catch. Green is the man in Cincy and his workload has been huge since he entered into the league 4 years ago. Injury’s derailed his 2014 season but if healthy all season we should see the AJ Green of two years ago and someone who should be fighting for a top 5 finish come years end.

10. Alshon Jeffery – Brandon Marshall has moved onto the New York Jets, leaving Alshon as the guy in the windy city. Jay Cutler scares everyone who plays fantasy football and they could impact just how big a year Alshon has in 2015. The silver lining is that Jay Cutler has always loved the big frame of Jeffery when close to the goal line and again last year Alshon was the main target in the redzone. With Gase’s as the new OC coming over from Denver you know he is going to lean on Alshon all season to help carry the load. Things could get ugly with Cutler at the helm but just know at the end of the day Jeffery is a physical freak and he almost always finds a way to round out a solid fantasy season. Will this one be as epic as his 2013 campaign, we will all have to wait and see.

We’ll there you have it, our top ten list of wide receivers for 2015. Like always, please let us know what you think. Do you agree with our list or do you think someone should have been higher or lower? Let us know your thoughts and be on the look out next week as we drop another Top Ten List.

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