2015 Fantasy Rankings – Top 10 Quarterbacks


By Josh Trotta


It’s time to rank the highest scoring position in all of fantasy and that dreaded position that has every fantasy owner asking them selves, when do I take one? Yes folks we are ranking the top ten QB’s of 2015! The quarterback position has been dominated by three people the last few years, the top tier of quarterbacks going into your draft; Rodgers, Manning and Brees. Occasionally your tier 2 guys came in from time to time and crashed the party; Brady, Eli, Roethlisberger, Rivers and once Stafford (But just once, because since then he has sucked! Thanks for not showing up for me in the championship last year!). Sorry about that, I am still not over it. IT WAS A CATCH! Oh god it’s like word vomit.

Fast forward a few years to today and a brand new crop of hungry, talented quarterbacks are aiming to take down the titans of fantasy football and cement them selves as elite fantasy options. Last year saw the dawn of two new fantasy superstars in Wilson and Luck. With fantasy studs not far off like Ryan Tannehill, Colin Kaepernick and RG3 (If he can get back to his rookie form). Fantasy owners are faced with more options then ever before but with that comes the new dilemma all fantasy owners are facing. Do you wait and pick an up and comer who may just break out and be a fantasy steal or bust? Or do you pick one of the premier QB’s early but face the possibility of grabbing them on the downward arc of their fantasy careers? It’s a game of QB roulette and sometimes you are going to win and sometimes your going to lose.

Sit back and enjoy as we countdown the top ten quarterbacks for you to look at come draft day!

1. Aaron Rodgers – The best at his position hands down, no argument and I am a Patriots fan to the core! Love everything he does on the field and his ability to run it in when they get close is an added reasons why he is number 1 on our list and everyone else’s. Best player in the best offensive scheme for his position, Rodgers is a no brainer as the first QB taken in any draft format.

2. Andrew Luck – Each year the neck bearded one just keeps on getting better and better. He threw for almost 5,000 yards last year!!! Thank you can I have another? Is what all of the fantasy owners who had him last year and are looking to re draft or keep him again this year are saying. Luck is turning into…dare I say it….Peyton Manning. When Peyton was at his ultimate fantasy prime he was a lock for 4k plus yards, 35+ TD’s and most of the time a fantasy championship for who was ever lucky enough to pick him. Luck is not there yet but at the rate he is going it is coming very soon. Could this be the year?

3. Peyton Manning – Manning isn’t here because he is the third best fantasy quarterback but more because the guy under neath him is just not ready to be ranked as high. Does that make any sense? It’s Manning and you know he is going to come out of the gates firing on all cylinders. He might look like the best pick of your draft September through October but if last year is any indication, cold weather is Manning’s kryptonite. I know he crumbled down the stretch last year and what we last saw looks more like Matthew Stafford then Peyton Manning but he still finished the year 4th best at his position and now two years removed from that historic 2013 campaign. Draft him but be smart and draft another QB late just in case.

4. Russell Wilson – The kid has been amazing since he stepped into the league but it wasn’t until last year that Wilson opened fantasy owners eye’s as someone that could take their team to the championship. Wilson’s legs not his arm are what make him so valuable, like Vick in his prime the threat he brings to defenses with his legs are what keep owners who are playing him up all night. With almost 900 yards on the ground last year and 6 touchdowns, Russell Wilson might have been the best RB if he played for Cleveland Browns last year. Not until he takes a step forward throwing the ball will Wilson crack our top 3. Running QB’s have a way of being figured out and in an offense that runs first, second and third, it is hard to see Wilson’s stats going up from last year. Adding Graham may help but do you think they are going to pass again on the goal line?

5. Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben was the surprise QB of fantasy last year and twice throwing 6 touchdowns in a game! Coming off his best finish in fantasy since 2007 Big Ben is primed to take a leap into possibly the elite tier. Another year under Todd Hurley’s system and having the best wide receiver in football on your team give Big Ben the best offense he may ever play under coming back for him in 2015. With Le’Veon Bell arguable the best RB in fantasy, Brown the best WR in fantasy and the emergence of Martavis Bryant, Big Ben has all the weapons a Super Bowl winning quarterback could ever want. Look for big things again this year for Roethlisberger and the entire Steelers offense.

6. Drew Brees – It kills me to put Brees this far down but let’s face it his offensive weapons that made him great are gone and his turnovers have gone up. Brees’s play over the past two years has dipped tremendously and now facing an upcoming season without his favorite target Graham who was shipped to Seattle, an old Colston and a bunch of unproven wide receivers, this could be an up hill battle right from the start. No longer looking like an elite QB the ability to draft Brees in the later rounds could just turn into a steal but be smart if you draft him. Grab a young up and comer as your back up just in case his play continues to dip.

7. Cam Newton – Cam is a physical freak but health has always been a major issue for him. Last year he started slow coming off ankle surgery that clearly hurt his mobility at the early parts of the season. With new targets, a new ankle and a lack luster running back duo, Cam had a down year plain and simple. Now healthy and familiar with his big weapon Benjamin, Newton could be poised to have another top 5 fantasy finish. Newton needs his legs to be a viable option as a fantasy starter, with out them his lack of accuracy and ability to read defenses will keep him from being your starting QB. Look for the rushing yards to be the same if not better then last year because he is healthy but look to see his touchdown numbers go up as well.

8. Tony Romo – The man just keeps on getting better. Last year Tony Romo surprised everyone with how efficient he could be at QB. Always labeled a gun slinger like his favorite player Brett Farve, Romo had a tendency to create turnovers at the absolute worst time in a game and scare off fantasy owners in the process. Last year everything changed with the emergence of the leagues best running attack and offensive line. Romo only had 9 interceptions and threw for almost 4k yards, while leading the Cowboys to the NFC East title. This year almost the entire cast is back except for Murray who jetted for Philly in free agency. This Cowboys team has the potential to win it all and if so might in the process leave us with Romo’s best fantasy season ever.

9.Tom Brady – What?! Brady?!? Is he even going to play?!?! We are basing this position on this list with the assumption the suspension will be overturned or postponed due to legal proceedings. Either way as long as Gronk is on the Patriots Brady’s stock will always be high. No one player not named Calvin Johnson is more of a mismatch in today’s NFL then Gronk and Brady loves to find him when ever he can. Sprinkle in Julian Edelmen who has turned into the hardest cover with Antonio Brown in the NFL and you have your self an offense who will be able to move the ball up and down the field. There are a bunch of red flags with drafting Brady this high, his age, lack of offensive weapons and the AFC East is going to be really really tough this year, can turn some away from drafting Brady all together this season and we completely get it. Like we said before, as long as Gronkowski is playing for the Pats, Brady will have a shot for a top 10 fantasy finish.

10. Matt Ryan – Matty Ice has been rock solid and going into last year was our pick in the Guru’s office to be the breakout star at his then ADP of 56. His numbers though never great are good enough to make Matt Ryan a top ten fantasy option at his position. You couple that with an offense with Julio Jones on it and you have the potential for a break out season each and every year. Health for Jones has been a major reason why Ryan has never put together that signature season but if you have him when he does look out!

Well there you have it our top ten list of quarterbacks for 2015! We hope you enjoy our list and this information helps you draft the best team possible. Like always let us know what you think. Don’t agree leaves us a comment and we will make sure to get bak to you when we can. Keep your eye’s out for our upcoming articles IDP rankings, PPR rankings, Top 10 TE’s, DEF’s and Kickers!

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