2015 Fantasy Rankings – Top 10 Defenses


By Josh Trotta


With the start of the NFL season looming only 48 hours away we come to the end of our 2015 rankings with our last installment of our top ten lists. Even though they are not always drafted last (which they should be…Thanks Matt Berry) we decided to end this years rankings list with the top ten defenses in the game today.

It doesn’t matter if your the first guy to take them in your league draft or you like stream the matchups week in and week out, defenses can be a huge contributor to your fantasy team and sometimes are the difference between winning and losing. So with out any further wait enjoy our top ten list of defenses!

1. Seattle Seahawks – Best defense on the planet and no need to think they will not be again. The Kam Chancellor saga scares us but we just don’t think he will miss the entire season. The club gains the advantage wants the games start. LOB will be back at the top again.

2. Houston Texans – J.J. Watt is the reigning defensive player of the year, Clowney is back and healthy and the addition of Vince Wilfork could push the Texans past Seattle as the number one defense in fantasy. The secondary isn’t as good as Seattle’s but that front line could prove to be the best in the NFL.

3. St. Louis Rams – Scariest front seven in the NFL. If the secondary comes around then this defense could be the scariest we have seen since the 2001 Baltimore Ravens.

4. New York Jets – Revis is back, Sheldon Richardson is back and they added Leonard Williams who most had as the number 1 player in this years draft. The Jets are stacked and Todd Bowles is a great defensive coach. Look for the Jets to be a force all season long.

5. Buffalo Bills – The front seven is amazing and now with Rex Ryan at the helm the biggest surprise defense of last year looks to show that they were not a one hit wonder.

6. Denver Broncos – Added Shane Ray who should be another great edge rusher for the Broncos. With Von Miller and Demarcus Ware already in place, with Talib and Ward in the secondary the Broncos have all the pieces for an elite NFL defense.

7. Miami Dolphins – They added the best defense player in the game not named J.J. Watt in Suh this offseason. Miami already was good last year, you now add Suh to the mix and the entire league better watch out.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Might be a better plug and play, then a pick em and forget them type defense this year. They lost some key pieces and the defensive coordinator is now the HC of the Jets. They play in a tough grind it out division but given the right matchup they still can be a valuable start.

9. Baltimore Ravens – With Suggs and Dumerville coming off the edge and Mosley coming off a phenomenal rookie campaign the Ravens are primed for another solid season. Might not be an every week start the Ravens will succeed when the matchup is right.

10. Minnesota Vikings – We are going with our gut and what are eyes showed us during the preseason. The vikings defense looks like it is for real and could be the surprise defense of the season. They have a ton of talent on the defensive side of the ball and this year the offense looks like it might be able to hold up there end of the bargain. This rest in between series could launch the Vikings as the surprise defense to own in 2015.

Well there you have it, our Top Ten Defenses are ranked. That will do it for our Top Ten lists of the 2015 season. Please let us know what you thought of this and all of our top ten lists we have written all off season. Best of luck to everyone this fantasy season and remember you can post your lineup questions and concerns right on our twitter account @gurufantasyfb. Thanks again for reading this and we can’t wait for the season to start.


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