IDP Corner: Week 4

Dennis Miller was the first late night tv talk show that I remember watching. I was introduced to him while sleeping over a friend’s house back when he had his show on HBO. My family had basic cable and I grew up on a farm, so to say my access at home to late night tv was “limited” would be an understatement. When it was announced that Miller would be joining Monday Night Football I was overwhelmed with anticipation. The man loved the sport of football, and sports in general, he had made appearances on sports talk shows and talked with such passion and knowledge that I felt he was going to be a wonderful addition to the history of great football broadcasters. Man his first night was rough, he fell into his normal shtick of Jeopardy level inane references that flew over the heads of a solid 90% of the viewing audience, if not more. It was a sad time for football, that we haven’t yet climbed out of. We still are subjected to horrible announcers like Joe Buck (the worst sports broadcaster on national television right now) and Cris Collinsworth on a weekly basis, but I digress.

All of the above leads me into this, to quote Dennis Miller, “I don’t mean to go on a rant here but…

I gets under my skin that there are fantasy football resources out there, which employ people year round, that provide IDP information on a weekly basis, that are obviously just a total pencil whipped, mailed in, thing they do cuz “some leagues play IDP”. In addition to being a Guru here, I work a full-time job, spend as much of my free time enjoying the company of friends and family, have a healthy video game habit, and still try to get close to 6 hours of sleep a night… AND I still have the ability to see that a player like Calais Campbell should not be in the top 10, let alone the top FREAKING 5 of a weekly positional rankings list (he plays DE for the Cardinals, and has been just ok this year), and he was ranked higher last week. It is just laziness through and through, and it’s part of the reason why IDP is looked at like a niche interest in fantasy football. You start off with stellar analysis that still totes Danny Trevathan as a top 20, must start player, and people listen, and people start him, and he does jack squat, and those people lose their matchup and start to hate IDP because “there is no consistency in talent”. When it is the industry that is failing the game. We can get in depth analysis of Kevin White’s last two practices, but good luck finding out if a defensive player who left a game last week practiced at all this week without having to visit a local paper’s website’s forth article on practices this week.

On to some brain droppings for this week:


Linval Joseph – Averaging a sack a game and more tackles per game than Calais Campbell this year, he is playing well above what all of his previous seasons have been like. The Minnesota D has been ferocious this year and it’s from players who have stepped up like Joseph. He plays a D Tackle which usually scores at a slower rate than your standard DE does, but in your medium sized leagues that have a DL starting spot, he is worth grabbing if you haven’t yet.

Jabaal Sheard – This is the second time I’ve been singing Sheard’s song, and I stand by it. It’s still my opinion that you don’t start D linemen in leagues that do not have a specific slot for them, but if you are in a league that you do, he will be a serviceable replacement if you just put J.J. Watt in your IR slot or dropped him.

Jason Pierre-Paul – Call it a comeback, he’s likely owned and being started in your league that has starting D Line spots. If someone dropped him for his week 2 NO game, go get him. He does play up and down from week to week, but man are his good weeks great to have on your team.  


Zachary Orr – 6 more total tackles and he will surpass the total of his two previous seasons combined. To say Orr has stepped up this season, would be correct. In smaller leagues he should not be on a team yet, and will be a great get for bye week plug-ins, who you might keep once you are through it all.

Deion Jones – The rookie has been going hard right out of the blocks. With CAR on the other side of the neutral zone this week, he should see plenty of tackle chances against Cam’s big targets, specifically Greg Olsen who often draws a down field LB matchup.

Nick Perry – Perry is .5 sacks away from his single season total. While his tackles are nothing to write home about, he has been making plays every game of the season this year, and has been a good complement to Clay Matthews’ return to the opposite outside linebacker, teams are stacking to prevent Matthews and are leaving Perry on many more 1 on 1 situations, so I don’t expect him to slow down too much from his current pace.

Paul Posluszny – Oh, Telvin Smith fans, you still gotta learn the Rick Flair motto, and Pauly P is still the man in JAX. They are very close in stats and points spread in all leagues I play in, but it’s always Posluszny on top. Both players should very justifiably be owned in all IDP formats, but I bring him and Telvin up this week because Jacksonville’s D is on the field an awful lot still and these two (and Johnathan Cyprien) benefit the most, go get them, they will continue to put up points.

Defensive Backs:

Marcus Cooper – Added to the Cardinals before week 2, he came out of the gate on fire, 2 INTs (1 for a TD), 3 Passes Defended, 7 total Tackles. He cooled off last week with 1 PD,  7 total Tackles again, and no TDs. Some hair-trigger manager most likely grabbed him from his week 2 performance and then dropped him for his week 3 performance. Go get him, he is fitting in with this defense wonderfully, and will be covering non-primary WRs, so he’ll have some great chances for more PDs and INTs from emergency progression throws.

David Amerson – He had 5 Passed Defended last week, 5, damn. He’s also out pacing his career tackles/game average so far this season. As a CB he is more boom/bust than Safeties are, but he is showing he knows how to get to an air-born ball, which is all you can ask for from a player at his postion.

Briean Boddy-Calhoun – Right now he is a radar or deep stash type of guy. Last week vs MIA was his first pro game and 4 tackles, a pass defended, and an INT for a TD is a very decent stat line. But, he plays on the Browns, and Tannehill threw 39 times that game in an offense that still has yet to find its timing on a consistent basis (go watch this Thursday’s MIA @ CIN game for further proof).

Chris Conte – He had a great week 1 (11 tackles), but hasn’t gone that high since, but he’s getting the playing time and has been putting together consistent tackle numbers. He’s on the Strong Safety side of the position, so his lack of other numbers is totally expected. He should see plenty of action vs DEN this week.

If this is your first time and you made it through my rant and still kept reading, I wanted to conclude with a, “Thank You” to you and to those of you who have found my little corner of the gurus’ site and even further, the internet and come back to read what I have to say on a regular basis.

Good luck to everyone with the coming games this weekend, and as always if you have questions feel free to reach via twitter to myself @decoylife or the other gurus  @TFFGurus, @DaFantasyFather, and @TheFantasyBoys

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